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Our Song

Launch Concert at Fitzroy Library Reading Room 

- April 10, 2021

Sharing all our favourites songs and composers, experience the joy
and beauty of music for upper voices.

- Concert proudly supported by the Ewing Trust: Yarra Libraries

Its Motion Keeps

Time, like the tide, its motion keeps... Tight vocal harmonies and ethereal projections weave together stories of love, death and the immutability of time itself.

Collaborating with visual artist Agata Mayes and channelling the distinctive voices of Caroline Shaw, Kate Miller-Heidke, Benjamin Britten, Laura Mvula and other vocal masters, Alta seamlessly transitions across genres to invite audiences into new sound worlds.

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The word ‘minimal’ was first used as a musical classification by Tom Johnson, for the Village Voice a New York arts and cultural publication. This concert series at Tempo Rubato celebrates the many faces of minimalist music for strings, woodwinds, piano and voice.

… the "passionless, sexless and emotionally blank soundtrack of the Machine Age, its utopian selfishness no more than an expression of human passivity in the face of mass-production and The Bomb".


For as long as we have had language, humans have told stories through song. Stories of loss, of loneliness, of unrequited love. Stories of hope, of joy, of dancing!

Alta Collective presents an evening of folk and folk-inspired songs from Australia, Europe and Latin America. Enter the stories of everyday folk from around the world, catch a melody and drift on easy into the night.

Featuring songs by Australian artists: Alice Hurwood, Monique Clare, Lisa Young and international artists: Michael McGlynn (Ireland), Violeta Parra (Chile), Dolly Parton (USA) and more…

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